Committed to acquiring and operating a single business
Dedicated to sustainable growth over the long run

I am focused exclusively on acquiring and operating one great business in Central Texas or the Salt Lake City metro.

I'm not a private equity firm. I'm not one of your competitors. I'm a Navy vet, a mid-career professional with an MBA from Harvard Business School, and a motivated entrepreneur committed to preserving the business you've built and guiding it through its next several decades of growth.

Behind me is a group of incredible people – successful entrepreneurs, operators, and investors. With this group’s support, I have the diverse professional experience, mentorship, and financial backing needed to safeguard your company’s legacy, preserve its culture, and grow its successes to new heights.

The Advantage

Through 360 Bridge, I hope to offer an attractive alternative to selling your business to a competitor or to a private equity firm.

There are no “synergies” to take advantage of (leading to layoffs of your loyal staff).

I don’t have an investment committee or a tight timeline to "return capital" (i.e., re-sell your business to someone else). ​

I will hold myself accountable to three groups: your customers, your employees, and the community at large.

I believe keeping those three stakeholders in mind is the best way to sustainably grow the business over the long term.