Enduringly Profitable

Strong Customer Relationships

Great Team

Few of the criteria I'm looking for in a business are absolute.
If your business has some or more of the attributes listed below - especially if it's a veteran-owned small business, government services provider, or niche manufacturing company - I'd love to chat with you.

Enduring Business

  • >5 years of operations (the longer, the better)

  • Several years of stable profits
    (no “turnaround” situations)

  • Predictable earnings year after year; stable performance during good and bad economic times

Strong Customer and Employee Relationships

  • Trends of repeat business and/or long-standing customer relationships

  • Varied customer base; low customer concentration

  • Strong employee retention; long employee tenure

Transition Readiness

  • Owners excited about selling 100% of the business to a committed and capable buyer, and care deeply about the future success of the company

  • Owner available to provide the temporary hands-on support necessary for a successful transition

Financial Criteria

  • Revenues between $3M and $35M

  • >$750K of annual pre-tax profits

  • Stable, predictable cash flows

  • Low to medium capital requirements (facilities, equipment, working capital, etc.)